The Rockwell Makati Story

With bold ambition, Rockwell Land’s ground-breaking master plan transformed the lands of Meralco’s former thermal plant site into a high-end living environment- now known as the Rockwell Center. In 1995, the newest member of the Lopez Group simultaneously developed five high-rise luxury residential condominiums – a move unheard of in the 1990’s. At a time when industry players were shying away from risks, Rockwell raised the bar for the whole industry – eventually becoming the benchmark for quality innovation that is as aesthetically beautiful as it is well-designed.

One of Rockwell’s keys to success is its perceptive understanding of the individual. As life is not restricted to the four-walled structure of a home, the property maverick recognized the need to extend its breadth so that the Rockwell signature of exclusivity and luxury is felt even outside the comforts of your residence – from owning a sunrise with a Z-loft every morning, to a whole urban skyline that lights up for you every night. This principle has returned a famed “city within a city” that integrates residential, office, educational, entertainment and shopping establishments into one exclusive community – undeniably the first of its kind.

With the proliferation of high end real estate developers in the market today, Rockwell Land President Nestor J. Padilla knows that Rockwell is a cut above the rest. “We have raised the bar in terms of quality, design, attention and detail, and everyone else just follows suit,” he says.

In sweet 16 years in the industry, the Company has definitely created a niche which has been attributed to the “Rockwell magic”-which lies not only to its superior attention to gorgeous aesthetics, character and charm of the community, ground breaking tower features, function and detail, but also to the great and personalized customer service to its residents, tenants and unit owners.

Build it and they will come.